228168_10151040831401561_703726174_nSGB Media Group is a digital publishing, web development, content marketing, community management and social media marketing firm. Over forty proprietary,syndicated digital publications. Extensive experience in retailing, advertising, website & online forum development, niche social networking, affiliate marketing, search optimization, site analytics and compliance management, corporate branding and identity, site location, event production & promotion, non-profit fund raising.

Specialized Experience:

* eCommerce – Ten years internet sales experience, eBay Powerseller, Amazon, CafePress, MSN. CC Bill & PayPal business partner, affiliate marketing and proprietary shopping cart administration.

* Social Network Development – Early developer of social networks, discussion forums, Usenet groups and BBS chat rooms.

* Blogging – 7-10 Years experienced blogger with over 20 blogs on mixed major platforms in syndication.

* Packet Aggregation – Early adopter of this journalistic style which is the process of joining multiple packets together into a single transmission unit, in order to reduce the overhead associated with each transmission.

* Strategic Alliance Building – Experienced in propagating formal relationships between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon goals or to meet a critical business need.

* Event Planning & Production – Experienced event planner and producer of specialty events such as trade shows, seminars, concerts, educational events, awards shows, and political fund raisers.

* Media Relations – Experienced media relations work with broadcast, print and digital media broadcasters and publishers. Press release writing, editing and distribution along multiple channels. Crisis and reputation management.



Note: Effective March 15, 2016 this program is currently suspended while we build up our venture fund and will open an application window for applications in September 2016 on Angel List.

Startup Hive™ is a virtural startup incubator project in development by noted publisher, startup adviser and publicist Stephen G. Barr to be and supported by Barr’s other established companies SGB Media Group (Social Media & Public Relations), Boardroom Advisory Services (Corporate Advisory Board Management) and Barr Publications (Digital Publishing and Syndication).

The primary mission of Startup Hive™ is to assist emerging technology start ups from conception through IPO, merger or sale by forming, serving, guiding, advising and governing their advisory & director’s boards on a fee or equity consulting basis with a focus on emerging and disruptive technologies, transparent reporting, legal and regulatory compliance, best practices, ethics and prudent leadership principles garnered from Barr’s 35 year, multifaceted career.

  • Seed funding procurement assistance through the use of a series of niche market, equity based crowdfunding sites currently in development and to begin alpha testing in 2013 as a result of the changing investor regulations as part of the Jobs Act as well as through traditional venture capital sources.
  • Startup hive is currently partnered with Indigogo and Crowdfunder and Barr manages his own investment syndicate on Angel List. Our Spring 2014 Open Enrollment brought in 132 startup applications through Angel List.
  • Currently seeking mentors, joint venture partners, vendors, subcontractors, web developers and investors for this next generation startup incubator.

Contributing Member @ Startup America Partnership, Startup Weekend, Angel List, Gust, Crowdfunder, Tedx, Ignite, Meetup, Microsoft BizSpark Incubator Program, CrunchBase, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Google Partners, Founder’s Space and CoFounder’s Labs.


baslogoBoardroom Advisory Services is a fee and equity based consulting services for emerging technology for profit and nonprofit start up advisory and directorial boards.

Veteran entrepreneur Stephen G. Barr with the mission to assist emerging technology start ups from conception through IPO, merger or sale by serving, guiding, advising and governing their advisory & director’s boards on a fee and equity based consulting basis with a focus on emerging technologies, data integrity and security, current best practices, ethics and prudent leadership principles.

Services Include but not Limited to;

* Board Formation and Staffing
* Mission Development
* Seed Funding Acquisition
* Board Administration & Governance
* Investor Reporting
* Procedural Implementation
* External Reporting and Compliance
* Media and Public Relations
* IPO, Merger or Sale Negotiations

Expert Market Study and Business plan preparation, review and evaluations.

Founded, built and ran multiple corporations in the <$1M annual revenue and 1-5 employees on bootstrap seed capital.

Founder & CEO of a regional consulting firm and served on the board of directors of several other, larger corporations in California, New York, Arizona, Delaware & Nevada acquired by a national, Fortune 500 corporation in 1996.

Actively seeking compensated board appointments on the Advisory Boards of emerging technology start ups, NPO’s, progressive political PACs, fine arts and ecological lobby groups and open to other market segments as well. Pro Bono appointments considered for those initiatives closest to Mr. Barr’s personal moral imperatives.